Chicago Bears running back Matt Forte has been playing at a high level for quite some time now. Forte entered the NFL as a second-round draft pick out of Tulane back in 2008, and since then, he has more yards from scrimmage than any other player in the NFL by a margin of more than 700 yards. He's missed just five of the Bears' 118 games in that time, averaging 72.7 rushing yards and 34.7 receiving yards a week in 113 appearances -- all starts. He's has at least 1,400 total yards in every season of his career and he's got 60 touchdowns to his name, too. Being as prolific and consistent as he has been, for as long as he has been, it's no surprise that Forte has garnered extreme admiration from his teammates. On Friday, quarterback Jay Cutler marveled over Forte's skill set. "I wouldn't trade him for anybody else," Cutler said, per the Bears' official web site. "He's a three-down back. He does so much protection-wise. He does so much in the passing game. You can line him up in all different scenarios, all different sets. He gets the job done. He's kind of a security blanket for us."