There’s no debate that winning, the way that the Heat are winning now — a franchise-record 15 straight entering Wednesday night’s visit by overmatched Orlando — plays a part in a positive vibe. It’s never as clear in sports, however, whether such healthy “chemistry” can be credited for any of the victories. Certainly, someone like Erik Spoelstra, who prefers empirical evidence for the least controversial contentions, won’t make any such leap. “Our guys get along,” the coach said recently. “They like spending a lot of time around each other. I don’t know if it translates to wins in this league, but it makes coming to work a little bit more palatable.” Lately, of course, the work has looked like play, not just because of the streak but because of the extracurricular activity. Last Tuesday, the team taped its “Harlem Shake” video, already so embedded in the culture that the Timberwolves spoofed it by beating an actor in a LeBron James jersey with a toy bat. Sunday night, upon arriving in Minneapolis, Dwyane Wade tweeted about enjoying dinner with “friends” James, Chris Bosh, Mario Chalmers and Mike Miller. Monday night, after a failed snowball fight — the snow was too soft — James tweeted before takeoff: “Man, I love my teammates!! Just had one of the single most funniest moments ever on our plane. Had me crying, laughing and my stomach hurting. Haha.”