Stephen Strasburg has known White Sox right-hander Jake Peavy since Strasburg played for San Diego State University and Peavy played for the Padres. Peavy said Wednesday he admired how Strasburg has handled the hype and the innings limit that curtailed the right-hander's season last year. "I couldn't be prouder with the way he has handled his career, handled all the hype around him and has remained focused on the game of baseball. He is making himself better," Peavy said. "Stephen has a bright, bright future, as we all know. I'm a huge fan. It has been fun for me to watch." Strasburg threw only 158 1/3 innings last year, when the Nationals ended his season early because of the Tommy John surgery he had in 2010. The leash will come off this year, and Peavy believes the sky is the limit for Strasburg. "His preparation, his work ethic is key. I think we all know what kind of competitor he is and what he wants," Peavy said. "I can't see why he can't put together 200 innings just like everybody else. He is young, he is strong. His arm is good and intact as it could possibly be at this point in time. The sky is the limit. Washington has a prize along with a few other ones, too. That [Ross] Detwiler kid. the [Jordan] Zimmermann kid, obviously Gio [Gonzalez] -- they have some impressive arms."