Kevin Durant insists he still has love for the Oklahoma City Thunder, saying that “blue is going to be in my blood forever.” While some would argue the superstar is being disingenuous with that comment given he spurned the Thunder to join the Golden State Warriors ahead of last season, Durant countered the claim by stating there “ain’t no such thing” as loyalty. Durant was labeled as a traitor when he opted to create a super team to end all super teams with Golden State. Durant was castigated for following the arguably undignified path of “chasing a ring” instead of pursuing a title with Russell Westbrook and his former Thunder brethren. Durant doesn’t see it that way. “Ain’t no such thing [as loyalty],” Durant said in an interview with Bleacher Report. “You see disloyalty in different ways, but that’s one of the most underrated parts of the game. We scream loyalty, but we don’t expect it from the people writing the checks because they’re writing the checks. “[People say] ‘You should be fine with it because you’re getting paid.’ I liked it better when I was naive about the NBA business, how f—ed up it is. That was better for me that way. … You put money and business into something that’s pure, it’s going to f— it up.” Durant insists Oklahoma City and the Thunder will always hold a special place in his heart, even if his friendship with Westbrook has been irreparably damaged.