As Texans receiver Andre Johnson continues to be sufficiently unhappy with the team to not show up for offseason workouts, the Texans continue to show no inclination to give him what he wants — a new home. But Johnson remains dug in. With potential fines for skipping mandatory minicamp at only $70,000, it’s a no-brainer he won’t be there; Johnson already has blown a $1 million roster bonus by not attending offseason workouts. The stakes will get a lot higher come training camp, when Johnson faces fines in the amount of $30,000 along with partial forfeiture of bonus money previously paid. And if he ultimately doesn’t play in 2014, Johnson will pass on a base salary of $10 million. Unless the Texans decide to trade Johnson, the options become play for Houston or play for no one, retiring from the game (with the option of unretiring a la Carson Palmer if/when he’s finally traded).