The Los Angeles Clippers have not closed the door on the possibility of bringing back coach Vinny Del Negro, reports, citing sources close to the process. Del Negro’s contract, which expires on June 30, could be extended beyond this season, as there remains a level of interest in his return within the franchise. Many expect that the Clippers’ first-round exit will be piled on as Del Negro’s fault, although he was also on the bench as the team won a franchise record 56 regular-season wins. The final decision will come from team owner Donald Sterling, according to Sterling, said to have a good relationship with Del Negro, could still go another direction if that route pleases point guard Chris Paul, who hits free agency on July 1. Even if Del Negro is kept in Los Angeles, it could only be temporary. The likelihood that Sterling offers a short-term contract is high, as the owner has preferred to avoid longer deals for coaches and executives since he had to pay off the rest of general manager and coach Mike Dunleavy’s five-year, $22 million deal. Del Negro could have options outside of Los Angeles, but he has remains focused on a return to the Clippers at the moment, reports.