To say some local hockey fans gulped when initial NHL Seattle season-ticket prices were released last week would be inaccurate — it’s tough to swallow while spitting out coffee or enduring other reflexive actions after learning 44-game packages will cost from $12,540 to $15,620 for the 2,600 priciest seats.

We’ve warned NHL prices aren’t for the faint of heart, but seeing them in black and white seems to have some fans fainting while grasping for their hearts.

Sticker shock? Try toaster-in-your-bathtub shock.

That said, prices for “club level” seats here aren’t out of whack with premium tickets in New York; Chicago; Washington, D.C.; Denver; Philadelphia; Las Vegas and elsewhere.

And for those citing prices in Detroit, Buffalo, or wherever else housing costs a fraction what it does here, take a breath. Our city’s relative wealth obviously factored, as did NHL Seattle being a new team with zero on-ice baggage playing in a new arena (under the same roof).

Sure, NHL Seattle isn’t exactly offering club-seat bargains. They even tried softening the blow by stating general season-ticket prices — to be released next year — will start as low as $50 per night. But that’s still right on the league’s mid- to upper-tier border for the priciest among lowest-cost seat options and not comparable to $13.50 in Anaheim, $14.70 in Colorado, $20 in San Jose and $24 in Columbus.