Jackie Bradley Jr. continued to say, “I know nothing” yesterday, and in fact he probably doesn’t because yesterday morning he was walking around the Red Sox clubhouse at JetBlue Park asking the major leaguers to autograph a baseball for him as if he was going to put it on the bookshelf in his bedroom inside a plastic case. At least one veteran, catcher Jarrod Saltalamacchia, clapped him on the back after signing as if he was sending young Bradley off to boot camp, so who knows what Jackie Bradley Jr.’s fate will be? Well, one guy knows. The Big Schill, aka in Rhode Island as The Big IOU, knows. Curt Schilling recently popped off (now there’s a surprise) to an ESPN reporter (now there’s a surprise) that he’d seen this Bradley thing before (considering that he never saw a hint of PED use, that’s a surprise too, because he obviously missed a sight or two during his 20 years in big league clubhouses). In 2007, Schilling famously said when asked by the Boston Dirt Dogs blog if he might one day consider a stint in the media, “Absolutely zero chance of this ever happening, less than zero actually.” As he proved during his brief entrepreneurial days in Rhode Island, math is not his strong point, so perhaps he can be excused for this miscalculation, but wasn’t he the guy who used to rip “the media” for commenting on things they knew little or nothing about? Yet there he was last week, after having watched exactly zero Bradley at-bats this spring in person, pontificating on where Bradley should end up. The Big IOU’s conclusion? Pawtucket. Maybe that’s because he feels guilty and wants to try and help out another Rhode Island business or maybe he just wants to see somebody pay taxes in the state (one doubts that). Regardless Schilling told ESPN, “I can remember every single spring, somebody having a super spring. This is not a knock on Jackie Bradley because I think he’s going to be a very good big league player (but) . . . it means nothing when you try to correlate it to having a great season. There’s just so many things going on in spring training from a pitcher’s perspective. You’re not seeing anybody’s plus-plus stuff. That doesn’t come out until Monday.” While Schilling is right that there have been far more Hall of Famers in March than ever appeared in May, what does he think Bradley was doing down here? Playing tee-ball?