Chris and Anthony Stewart were planning to use extra caution after leaving the Ice Zone in Hazelwood on Thursday. Their teams, the Blues and the Carolina Hurricanes, had back-to-back practices there in the afternoon and the brothers were planning to have dinner together for the second straight night. But after hanging out downtown Wednesday and watching the Cardinals' World Series game on TV, their goal was to make Thursday night uneventful. Now on the third attempt, the Stewarts didn't want anything to prevent them from facing each other for the first time in the NHL. The first time they were scheduled to meet, Anthony was a last-minute healthy scratch; and last year Chris broke his hand in a fight the game before their anticipated matchup. "Hopefully nothing happens to one of us," Chris said, smiling. "Knock on wood," said Anthony, who despite being three years older looks and sounds nearly identical to Chris. Perhaps more unlikely than the circumstances of Chris and Anthony not facing each other twice before is the fact that they're both in the NHL. Their father, Norman, immigrated to Montreal from Jamaica in the late 1970s, and his infatuation with the Canadiens led to the family's future interest in hockey. But even then, growing up poor and in rough neighborhoods, playing the sport professionally was only a dream. It didn't become a reality until 2003 when the Florida Panthers drafted Anthony 25th overall, followed in 2006 when the Colorado Avalanche selected Chris 18th overall.