If anyone can identify with John Tavares situation, playing a season and leading a team while on the brink of free agency, it is his old friend from Ontario, Steven Stamkos. The latter heard the same speculation, answered the same questions, faced the same uncertainties that Tavares is facing when he was a free agent two years ago. “To be honest, I haven’t really had a discussion with John about that,” Stamkos said during NHL All-Star media day Saturday. Tavares said that he has not sought advice because he is comfortable just trying to be himself. Stamkos considers that a good idea. “If he ever asked me, I’d give him my opinion but he is obviously having an unbelievable season and is probably doing a better job of not letting it affect him than maybe I did,” Stamkos said. “It’s in the back of your head, for sure, but for him to have the season that he has had under the circumstances probably goes to show you the type of character that I know he has. I think that is what has impressed me the most. He has been able, whenever he has been asked about it, to give the right response and just go out and play the game.”