Frank Ntilikina, Willy Hernangomez and Jeff Hornacek are safe. In a State of the Knicks address on Sunday at Quicken Loans Arena, Knicks president Steve Mills said Ntilikina and Hernangomez are keepers. He also dampened speculation about Jeff Hornacek’s immediate future, saying he’s not being judged by a won-loss record, and Friday’s Brooklyn victory showed he has the team moving in the right direction. “Jeff, [GM] Scott [Perry] and I are in this together,” Mills said Sunday. Mills essentially indicated the Knicks have no interest in dealing either Ntilikina or Hernangomez in an Eric Bledsoe deal. After an 0-3 start that followed an 0-5 preseason, speculation started mounting about Hornacek’s future. Mills said that didn’t come from the Knicks and it was too early for such talk. However, Mills fell short of guaranteeing Hornacek as safe for the season. He indicated, no matter the record, he still wants progress in certain departments such as defense and cutting down turnovers. That’s why Friday’s 107-86 rout of the Nets was huge, Mills said. The Knicks stifled Brooklyn while the club committed just seven turnovers. Regarding his recent conversations with Hornacek, Mills said: “We told him to focus on getting the team better and finding ways to reduce the turnovers and make sure we’re improving defensively. We didn’t focus on the record. Our focus is how we’re improving over the course of the season. If we do all the things from a defensive standpoint, wins will come out of that. I do believe it’s getting better.”