Former NFL head coach and current analyst Steve Mariucci had an opportunity to coach top 2019 draft quarterback prospect Dwayne Haskins when he was in a high school all-star game and now he views the New York Giants as the perfect team to bring him into the NFL.

According to Mariucci, the best way to bring a rookie quarterback up to speed once he gets into live NFL action is to have him sit and learn for one season. When said rookie can sit and learn behind one of the NFL's most cerebral quarterbacks and a two-time Super Bowl MVP like Eli Manning then the situation becomes a near "perfect" fit.

A previous report from earlier this offseason actually suggested the Giants have already decided they will avoid going the free agent route at quarterback because they want to follow Kansas City's blueprint with Smith and Mahomes.

If the Giants retain Manning and draft Haskins their situation will be a bit different than the Smith-Mahomes situation for the Chiefs. Smith was still under contract when the Chiefs decided to move on him prior to Mahomes' second season in the NFL. If the Giants draft Haskins now, the transition will be smoother next offseason after Manning's contract expires.