“It’s funny. I don’t really know the kind of people who want to win a national championship just so they don’t buy another drink again. That’s silly to me. I don’t think I’d be in this position if that’s what I was going for. I’m here to play football for the University of Georgia. And then, like you did, once that’s over, whatever my interests will be. Which is hard when you’re playing college football because you don’t get internships. You don’t get all that stuff. You don’t get the time off that other students get. But once that is over with — I’m majoring in economics — I’d like to go to law school.

“For the next year, I’m going to play football. I’ve got a decent amount of years. Hopefully I live until at least 80. So we’ll say 60 years to not play football. I’m going to play football this year. We’ll see where. We’ll see if I can trust the decisions that are made by the staff and see where I’m going to play. But right now I’m enjoying this national championship. The next part? Who knows? I really couldn’t care less about a free drink.”

— Georgia quarterback Stetson Bennett, who appeared to have had several drinks — be they free or purchased — in the hours before NFL star-turned-“Good Morning America” host Michael Strahan asked him what would come next during an interview the morning after Georgia beat Alabama for the national title.

Look at that damn quote.

When Strahan asked the question, maybe he expected Bennett to take the easy route, to yell, “I’m going to Disney World!” and the pluck off his lavaliere mic, spike it and either return to the party or find a bed and sleep the sleep of the righteous. Instead, the answer was a tour de force.

It starts with Stetson Bennett laying waste to the obvious stereotype. Our natural reaction to a former walk-on who grew up in Blackshear, Ga., leading the by-God Georgia Bulldogs to their first national title since 1980 is, of course, “He’ll never have to buy a drink in that state again.” Bennett basically points out in the most polite way possible that the kind of person who wants to win a national title just for the lifetime open bar tab would run away screaming midway through one of Georgia strength coach Scott Sinclair’s offseason workouts.

After that, Bennett discusses a future law career. He estimates his own life span. He declares his intention to play college football in 2022. He does not promise it will be at Georgia.