Normally, the starting quarterback for the national champion, who was the offensive MVP of both the semifinal and the championship, announcing he was coming back for one more year would be greeted as wonderful news.

And normally, when the national champion is also returning three other players who scored the fourth-quarter touchdowns in that national championship, it would be cause for boundless optimism about a repeat.

And yet, because we’re talking about Stetson Bennett, and because he’s returning but more ballyhooed players are not, a decent segment of the Georgia fan base seems to be losing perspective.

We interrupt your meltdown to point out that if many of you were told this time last year that you’d get your national championship, but half your team would depart afterward, almost all of you would have taken that deal.

But look, I get it: There was sentiment to thank Bennett, then enter 2022 with a clean slate. Give another guy a shot to be the starter, whether it be oft-injured but unbeaten JT Daniels, or a youngster who could take lumps but grow into a superstar. Given that Georgia has the pressure off now, that sentiment has merit. Let this season be one of transition, with potential upside. Huge upside.

And I get the desire to tell Bennett he’s making a mistake, that he should make like George Costanza and leave on the best possible note. National champion. Folk hero. Nowhere to go but down.