With one answer about NFL players kneeling during the national anthem, New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees has managed to ignite a firestorm of criticism from all corners of the sports world.

Including his own Saints teammates.

Several of Brees’ most well-known teammates — including top wide receiver Michael Thomas — publicly excoriated the Saints legend over the course of Wednesday. It’s a trend that NBA veteran Stephen Jackson — a friend of George Floyd and leading voice in the protest movement — is happy to see as racial injustice takes center stage in American politics.

Saints players challenge Drew Brees on protest comments

The discourse began when Brees was asked about NFL players potentially kneeling in protest against Floyd’s death during the NFL season.

Brees responded with an answer similar to the one he gave in 2016 when Colin Kaepernick was first protesting racial injustice, that he viewed such protests as disrespectful to the American flag and military: