Barring a very quick recovery in a day's time, shortstop Stephen Drew will head to Pittsburgh to meet with Dr. Michael Collins, who is the executive director of the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center's concussion program and worked with Brandon McCarthy and Brian Roberts after their own head injuries. "Reports this morning [were that he had] similar symptoms, and if nothing is improved or if there's no improvement by the end of day tomorrow, we're going to have him go see Dr. Collins in Pittsburgh." Drew's been dealing with concussion symptoms since March 7, when he was hit in the helmet by a pitch. His symptoms do not increase when he's doing physical activity, but they're still present when he's idle. "He feels it even when he's not in that exertion mode," Farrell said. "He still feels some of the symptoms from the night of hit by pitch. While there's been some improvement, they're still present. … He's still in this phase where he's unable to get back on the field." Farrell spoke highly of Jose Iglesias on Monday morning, and it seems all but guaranteed now that the 23-year-old will be Boston's Opening Day shortstop. Pedro Ciriaco can also play the position, but he's able to play a lot of spots and therefore may be most valuable off the bench. "Jose has done a very good job," Farrell said. "He feels confident in the box, and that's what we're seeing. His work has been outstanding, and he spoke openly about maybe some disappointment was brought in over the offseason but understood it, and yet he's put that behind him. He goes out and he plays and he's eager to get here every day. The one thing about Pedro, he's a versatile guy. As he's proven, he can move around the infield. He should be back on the field. I know he was talking about taking BP today with the back spasms he was feeling. I think Pedro's versatility might keep him in that utility type of role."