There is still the possibility free-agent shortstop Stephen Drew could wind up in New York with either the Mets, where he would be a strong fit, or the Yankees. Thus begins Phase II of free agency now that the majority of huge names are off the board. There are those in the Mets organization who would love to see Drew at shortstop because of Ruben Tejada’s performance the past few years and agent Scott Boras would like to deliver him to Citi Field. Signing Drew would mean a solid, veteran shortstop, one who was loved by teammates in Boston because of his style of play. But as with most cases with the Mets, money is the issue. Drew is believed to be seeking a three-year deal; the Mets are looking at two years. The Mets need to fill as many holes as possible, and considering their shaky situation at first base, they cannot afford to let shortstop be a trouble spot again in 2014.