We've grown numb to Stephen Curry's greatness. This season has been wake-up call, placed by a motivated and inspired sharpshooter steadfastly reminding everyone that he's still here, even if the Golden State Warriors try to cling to relevancy. Since returning from a tailbone injury on March 29, Curry has scored at least 30 points in all eight games he's played, the longest such streak of his career. On Monday night he dropped 53 points on 10-of-18 shooting from beyond the arc. Last night brought with it 42 points on 11-of-16 marksmanship from distance.

It's the second time in Curry's career that he's made double-digit three-pointers in consecutive games. The only other player to do that in NBA history is James Harden. At this point, it shouldn't be a shock if Curry sinks at least 10 in his next contest, solely to have the plaque to himself. It'll be an incredible accomplishment if he does, but nowhere near as impressive as a record he currently holds, which is quietly ascending to one of the more unbreakable in all of sports.

Curry is one of five players in league history to have at least two games of 10 or more three-pointers made. Zach LaVine has two. Damian Lillard, J.R. Smith, and James Harden have three. Curry's teammate Klay Thompson has five. Add all those together and it's still three shy of the 19 Curry has to his name.