Point guard Stephen Curry was smiling before this morning’s shootaround. And for good reason. His team has a chance to take control of this series tonight in Game 5. And his sprained left ankle is feeling the best it has in days. “Ready to go tonight,” Curry said. “It feels a whole lot better than it did before Game 4, so that’s all I could ask for.” Curry said he doesn’t need an anti-inflammatory injection. Against his own hopes, He took his third of these playoffs before Game 4. He considers the fact he doesn’t need one now a major victory in his latest ankle chronicles. Curry sounded as if he was concerned about suffering a setback following the injection. He said Sunday was the first time all season he thought about his ankle because it was swollen and hurting. But he said his ankle didn’t get worse the next morning. It was wrapped until it was “four times the size of my regular ankle” for the flight to San Antonio with hopes of preventing more swelling. The tape, wrap and compression proved successful. After more treatment, he walked into shootaround without a noticeable limp. And smiling.