ESPN's Stephen A. Smith called for an NBA version of the Rooney Rule after the Sacramento Kings hired Luke Walton as their coach without conducting any other interviews. 

"I'm definitely happy for Luke Walton. I think he deserves to be a head coach in this league and deserves to be given a good opportunity, which did not happen in LA as far as I'm concerned. But damn, he had the job before he left the Lakers' facility," Smith said on Monday's First Take. 

"I mean, do I need to start calling for a 'Rooney Rule' in basketball? I mean, see, this is stuff like this that really gets on my nerves because I'm gonna say it again: This don't happen for black men. This don't happen for minorities, this kind of stuff. Somebody needs to say it, so damn it, I'm gonna say it. The reality of the situation is that Luke Walton has won 40 percent of his games. Did he get screwed over in LA? Without question. I don't like what happened to him this year and I'm happy he got the job, but you don't even leave the facility before you are in negotiations."