Stephen A. Smith has heard some troubling stuff about Brian Kelly’s early tenure at LSU.

The Tigers are off to a disappointing 4-2 start with losses to Florida State and Tennessee. The loss to the Volunteers was a 40-13 massacre, and to say fans of the Tigers were upset would be an incredible upset.

Now, Stephen A. Smith has claimed that he’s hearing nothing positive about Brian Kelly coming out of Baton Rouge.

“I am not hearing anything good about Brian Kelly. I’ve interviewed him a few times in the past. I know he had a stellar record at Notre Dame. I like him. They looked awful at LSU last week. Awful, okay? Tennessee just rolled over them 40-13. I’m hearing the players ain’t fond of him, the administration ain’t fond of him, the fans ain’t fond of him, the town ain’t fond of him,” Stephen A. claimed Wednesday on “First Take.”