The Ben Simmons slander just won’t end. ESPN golden boy Stephen A. Smith is the latest to come out with an all-out tirade against the Sixers want-away star, and it comes to no surprise that Stephen A. did not hold back with his criticism of Simmons. The renowned sportscaster was so fired up that he just had to invoke LeBron James in his fiery rant.

Smith sounded off on Simmons’ recent shot at the Sixers wherein he claimed that it’s not his job to improve his market value. While Stephen A admitted that Simmons had a point, he then went on to blast the former Rookie of the Year for the lack of work he’s put in through the years:

“It’s his job to grow up and accept some responsibility,” Smith said (h/t Evan Tiwari of sportskeeda). “And it’s damn sure his job as a professional athlete to maximize his potential to be the best he can be.