This is the Facebook posting Monday night of Stephane Roy, the brother of Patrick. That posting and the events that happened because of it have created one of the more bizarre days of my 22-year reporting career at the Post. That post is clear enough – a couple of spelling mistakes aside: “For all my friends I’d like you know before the officiel news spreads out that my older brother will be the new coach of the Colorado Avalanch.” Well, that post has since been taken down and Stephane Roy’s Facebook account has now been put behind a “private” wall. Stephane Roy has since given an interview to a TV station in Montreal saying that quotes taken from my interview with him – where he essentially said the same thing to me as on the Facebook posting – were “exaggerated” and “sensationalized.” Well, all I will say is I stand behind the quotes in my story 100 percent. A little background on what happened: On Twitter last night, I was alerted to the Facebook posting by one of my followers, whom I also follow, @Mariowroy. That certainly piqued my interest, but the first thing I thought was “Maybe this is a hoax.” So I decided to try and reach the real Stephane Roy. I’ve talked with him in the past and gotten along with him. At 9:31 p.m. mountain time, I called a phone number in Quebec that I thought might get him. And it was indeed Stephane Roy who answered the phone. Our call lasted for 12 minutes. One of the first things I asked him was if this Facebook posting purporting to be by him, saying his brother would be the next coach of the Avalanche, was really his. After a few seconds of being coy, he said it was his. From there, having established that it was his post, I asked if he still believed what he said in the post. He said yes, and then said what is in the paper today: “They’re discussing the final details of an arrangement. Colorado is going to be very happy. Patrick is looking for a new challenge.” He said a few other things, details of why he thought the deal would happen, that I did not use because I wouldn’t be able to verify if true or not. We chatted a few more minutes, pleasantly, about his days in Denver as a roller-hockey player and more about his hockey career and his job now as a truck driver. When the conversation was winding down – and I had to wrap it up fast because I had a deadline to write a story – I went back over the original question with him again, essentially a “Are you sure about this, are you sure you believe this?” and I used some of what he then said as a quote: “”People in Quebec will be sad again that my brother is leaving for Denver. But he has always loved Denver too, and wants the new challenge of going back to his old team.” Because this conversation was over the phone and very sudden, I did not record the call. But I typed the quotes as he said them, and I type very fast and accurately. I limited the quotes to short ones because of that though. The funny thing is, I had a feeling all of this would happen today. Just ask my boss. I had a feeling Stephane would either regret saying what he said, or be told by someone involved in the Patrick Roy-Avalanche negotiations to backtrack, take that Facebook post down and say he was misquoted or something. But I think that posting says it all as to what Stephane believed last night and reiterated to others, including me. I don’t want to dump on Stephane here at all. He may be a patsy in all this, threatened with that he had take it down and backtrack or else, maybe by his brother, maybe by the Avs or both.