The Golden State Warriors endured another tragic loss on Saturday to the Utah Jazz. The team is now sitting at 8-8 for the season after 16 games. After this tough loss to the Jazz on Saturday, Warriors’ All-Star Steph Curry shares his honest opinion on the team’s struggles with the starting lineup.

Even at the very beginning of Saturday’s game, Utah appeared to be the better team, by far. They started the game with a 19-2 lead while the Warriors struggled to get their offense together. Even the Warriors’ 36 point performance in the third quarter didn’t stand a chance against the Jazz as they were defeated 127-108.

Following this defeat, Curry shared his true opinion on Golden State’s starting lineup struggles in a press conference with reporters.

Work in progress, obviously. The numbers aren’t great. Just trying to figure it out. … We do have stuff to figure out, obviously. I don’t have the answers right now.