After what has been a wild offseason, including the Oklahoma City Thunder shipping Russell Westbrook to the Houston Rockets, Steph Curry has remained the one constant throughout the whole storm.

Curry was drafted by the Warriors with the seventh overall pick in the 2009 NBA Draft. To offer some perspective off that time, none of Curry’s original teammates are still in the league, Don Nelson was his head coach and their main jerseys were still the “we believe” jerseys.

Well, Curry's loyalty to Golden State has rarely been challenged, and it's resulted in the superstar becoming the league's longest tenured player in the NBA who is still on the team that drafted him.

That's a pretty eye-opening statistic. After Dirk Nowitzki hung up the boots following a historic 21-year career in Dallas, Curry, who is only 31, has somehow become the longest tenured player to remain on the team that drafted him.