Steph Curry is frustrated that his comment about the Boston Celtics making the NBA Finals went viral, because he feels like it was taken out of context. After his Golden State Warriors lost to the Celtics 92-88 on Thursday night, Curry said it was “very very likely” that Boston reaches the NBA Finals. “Very very likely,” Curry said, via the San Jose Mercury News. “They’re playing the best today in the East. They have to beat Cleveland, who has done it three years in a row. We’ll see. I heard the weather is great here in June, so we’ll see.” The full comment included Curry noting that Boston has to beat Cleveland first. Still, the main takeaway from most (including LBS) was that Curry was expecting a Warriors-Celtics NBA Finals matchup. Following Golden State’s comeback win over Philly on Saturday, Curry said he didn’t like how his NBA Finals comment was taken out of context.