Alot of professional athletes feed off of hate. It’s the fuel that they sometimes need to push them a little further. Golden State Warriors All-Star Steph Curry is no stranger to hate. Whenever Curry isn’t playing his best, he goes to the one place where he can guarantee he will uncover a lot of hate. That’s Twitter. In an interview on a podcast, Curry explained why he enjoys reading tweets during games.

During a recent appearance on NBC Sports Bay Area’s “Dubs Talk” podcast, Curry detailed how he genuinely enjoys reading tweets during games.

I might have like a sick mind. It’s pure entertainment for me, to be honest. I don’t take myself too seriously when I play well or when I don’t, ‘cuz I know it’s the same intentions in trying to be great. So, like, when I go read ’em, it’s hilarious just how you want to fall off a cliff if I’m 0-for-8 from the 3-point line, or I’m not shooting enough … or a night like 53 in chasing Wilt [Chamberlain] where I can do no wrong.