Martavis Bryant insists his drug-related, off-field problems are “all behind me.” The conditioning associated with playing football? “I'm back into it.” Bryant swears he's a much better receiver than he was when he was a raw rookie back in 2014, too. So why hasn't the production been there this season? “As far as the explosion plays, we haven't hit them like we used to,” Bryant said before Wednesday's practice. “But it's still a long season, and you've still got to keep working. In due time, it will come.” Through four games this season, Bryant has 10 catches for 183 yards and one touchdown. Not bad — but rather pedestrian compared to what was expected out of the dynamic 25-year-old. To put Bryant's 2017 statistics through four games into perspective, Bryant in December 2015 had a single game in which he had 10 catches, and a month earlier had a game in which he had almost as many yards as he has this season (178 in a win against Cleveland). He also has had five games (including playoffs) in his career in which he had two touchdowns. But so far this season, Bryant has not eclipsed three receptions in a game, he has scored in only one and he has had more than 48 receiving yards just once.