NFL training camps have somewhat of a throwback feel, and not just because some of the teams -- the Pittsburgh Steelers included -- conduct camp at a remote location miles away from hustle and bustle of the city they reside in. Fans and media attending practice are not allowed to record anything they see during live drills, which means that fans at home are resigned to media tweets and a few fan videos from the stands that find their way onto social media. 

Four decades ago, rumblings arose in Alabama regarding a young athlete named Bo Jackson. Not many videos existed of him, but there were plenty of stories chronicling his seemingly superhuman exploits. The mythology surrounding Jackson ended up being prophetic as he ultimately became a two-sport superstar whose stardom was matched by only Michael Jordan. 

The second coming of Bo Jackson is probably not at Steelers camp, but rookie wideout George Pickens has started to create his own legend from Saint Vincent College in Latrobe, Pennsylvania. Images and videos of Pickens' exploits have emerged on social media. On-site scribes have been busy documenting his highlight-reel plays. Players and coaches had added to the mythology of Pickens by offering their verbal accounts of his excellence. 

A sequence during Wednesday's practice personified Pickens' training camp so far. During a two-minute drill, Pickens caught a deep pass from Mason Rudolph, moving the ball 30 yards. On the next play, Pickens made a balletic, one-handed catch in the end zone despite tight coverage from cornerback Levi Wallace. 

Mitchell Trubisky, who has developed a quick rapport with Pickens, mentioned him when asked on Tuesday who has surprised him during the first three weeks of camp. 

"Not that it's a surprise ... but George Pickens," Trubisky told CBS Sports HQ. "Definitely, Georgia has stood out. The type of catches he's made, his ability to separate and go up and catch the football.