If you were able to take in any one of the Steelers training camp practices at Saint Vincent College over the past four weeks, you surely heard a lot of chirping going on from one specific defensive player.

No, not Cam Heyward, but close.

Heyward wasn’t the only one yapping back and forth with Diontae Johnson and George Pickens across Chuck Noll Field earlier in the week during a two-minute drill. It wasn’t Heyward — although I’m sure he would’ve to his little brother — who put tight end Connor Heyward in his place when the rookie boasted that nobody wanted to tackle him after making a catch across the middle.

“Nobody’s afraid to hit you. Trust me. I’m gonna flip your ass next time,” came from the sidelines.

Let me introduce you to the new and well-paid Minkah Fitzpatrick, who has gained a little more bass in his voice since signing a $73.6 million extension in mid-June.

“You can’t lead from the back …,” Tomin said.

Fitzpatrick is taking the advice and moving to the forefront.

“Let me tell you, Minkah is going to let you know somethin’ somethin’ when he’s out there,” defensive back Arthur Maulet said. “He’s not afraid to chirp at the guys, for sure.”

Fitzpatrick got a little smirk on his face when asked about his trash-talking abilities compared to the others.

“Off the field, I am reserved and stick to myself, but on the field, I am a competitor,” Fitzpatrick said. “Camp is the time to bring it out because guys are sometimes a little low, a little beat up, a little down and might not be in the right frame of mind. The talking and chirping are not only for the guys but for me as well.”