Pittsburgh Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin has addressed the alleged altercation which took place between quarterback Mitch Trubisky and wide receiver Diontae Johnson during the loss against the New York Jets in Week 4. Via Brooke Pryor, Tomlin refused to say whether or not such an altercation took place within the Steelers’ locker room, but surprisingly admitted that “if it transpired, it’s good.”

“If it were, do you think that I would share it with you in this environment? Probably not. Our business is our business, and I understand in today’s climate, oftentimes there’s leaks… The things that happen among our competitors from time to time is normal business. Everyone wants to win. If it transpired, that’s good. It probably means there’s a couple guys that wanted to win. If it didn’t transpire, it probably means that it should have because we are aggressively pursuing victory. Sometimes that’s emotional,” said Tomlin after the Steelers’ win.