To the list of everything else that went on during Monday night's game, add even more bad blood. The Steelers' Chris Boswell believes the Cincinnati Bengals intentionally attempted to injure him just prior to him kicking the winning field goal. "You're not jumping offsides that bad without trying to run into the kicker," Boswell said Wednesday morning, in reference to Cincinnati's Josh Shaw running off the end well before the snap with 4 seconds to play in a tie game and the Steelers in position to attempt a winning 43-yard field goal. The chaotic moments as Shaw ran unabated toward Boswell and holder Jordan Berry led to Boswell nearly injuring his kicking foot when he swung through on the try even with Shaw's foot at the ball at the time of the kick. Berry held onto the ball because he saw Shaw approaching; Boswell said he was too focused on the kick to notice Shaw. Boswell said his foot "stung" but that it didn't hurt enough for it to affect the true attempt, which came from five yards closer after the offsides penalty was assessed.