Jarvis Jones is hard on himself when it comes to self-evaluation. The Steelers' rookie linebacker is getting better but he acknowledges there's plenty of room for growth. The Steelers' first-round draft pick played relatively well in losses to Chicago and Cincinnati. At times he appeared confused in the team's loss Sunday to Minnesota. It's not unusual for a rookie to be in all the wrong places at the wrong time. However Jones figures he's learned a great deal from his mistakes as he tries to assimilate into one of the league's more complex defenses. “No one is doing well enough to win” safety Troy Polamalu said. “So that's all that matters at this point. It's tough to evaluate (Jones) now. It's tough to come in and play as a rookie especially in this defense.” Jones who will have a week to assess his progress before facing the Jets on Oct. 13 plans to spend more time in the film room in an effort to boost a pass rush that has only four sacks during an 0-4 start. “Things are starting to slow down for me a little” said Jones who has 10 unassisted tackles and four tackles on special teams. “I know what I need to do to get better. My teammates have been coaching me up to put me in the right place. I'm getting good feedback so I can understand the defense.” Jones is hesitant to grade himself. But he gave himself a passing mark — albeit barely. “I'm always hard on myself in these situations” he said. “My production isn't where I want it to be. The Steelers brought me in here to pressure the quarterback and create turnovers. I haven't done any of that yet. So my grade wouldn't be very high but I'm searching for ways to get better.” Jones got off to a fast start in the preseason. He recorded a couple of sacks and consistently pressured the quarterback. He also convinced defensive coordinator Dick LeBeau that he was ready to assume the starting job.