Big Ben want tall receiver. That's been slogged around for nearly a decade now, ever since Ben Roethlisberger fueled Hines Ward's fire after the departure of pre-penitentiary Plaxico Burress by mentioning he wants a "tall" receiver - apparently Ward's 6-foot-1 wasn't tall enough. Now, amid contract extension speculation, there's some indication those talks may be underway. Post Gazette reporter Gerry Dulac let rip some of that spec Wednesday from his weekly chat on the paper's web site. "I think they will stick with what they have, plus draft a tall receiver in the first or second round," Dulac wrote in response to a question regarding Sanders. "I think they will let Sanders leave in free agency for a number of reasons and are perfectly comfortable thinking Markus Wheaton will not only replace him, but also be a much better receiver. Fairly vanilla. But he reveals something in an "I wasn't supposed to give specifics, so I'll say it generally instead" kind of way.