It's a bold statement from a man who hasn't typically made bold statements in regards to the Pittsburgh Steelers. Steelers General Manager Kevin Colbert promised big changes to the Steelers roster, and something BTSC's PaVaSteeler referred to as a message "there are no sacred cows" on the Steelers. Who are the perceived sacred cows Colbert could be referring to? As PaVa points out, there's essentially no chance wide receiver Mike Wallace will return next season. Colbert himself said the Steelers were 8-8, they don't have a lot of "franchise players." But there's much more behind that statement. For the last several seasons, Colbert has always said, almost by default, the Steelers would not target a quarterback in the first round. Typically, his statement would go something to the effect of "outside of the quarterback, pretty much any position is on the board." He's not saying that this year. Maybe (obviously) he's putting everyone on the current roster on notice. No one should feel comfortable about an 8-8 season. No one who's earned previous capital based on performance that helped lead to success in Pittsburgh got to that point feeling a .500 record is acceptable. It's not as much a statement that suggests massive changes are coming, it simply means the capital of some players has run out. The capital of some coaches has run out. And that's exactly the way it should be.