Sometimes, logic is hard. Sometimes, it isn’t. The Steelers cut James Harrison. After he cleared waivers, they didn’t move promptly to bring him back. And so Harrison opted to continue his playing career by joining the Patriots. As evidenced throughout social media, Steelers fans aren’t reacting well, with multiple fans burning his jersey. But they’re not mad at the Steelers for cutting Harrison; they’re mad at Harrison for having the audacity to continue his playing career with the Patriots. It’s stupid. It’s petty. It’s unfair. The Steelers fired him. What’s he supposed to do? Not play? Sign with the Browns? The fact that the anger would be directed at Harrison and not the Steelers proves yet again that, when it comes to choosing between blaming a player or blaming the team, fans will find a way to blame the player. Even if they should blame the team.