The young money crew is about to look more like scattered change. Mike Wallace is about to become a free-agent, and the chances of Pittsburgh being able to afford a respectable contract are nil. He has been the most productive receiver from an overall statistical perspective for the Steelers during his time with them, and his speed is virtually unrivaled in the NFL. His refusal to sign his restricted free-agent tender and skipping of training camp prior to the 2012 season have been well publicized. While the reality is Pittsburgh cannot afford a contract of Wallace's alleged desires over the next five seasons with a salary cap in place, his holdout certainly did not help convince the front office to make necessary concessions to clear enough room to keep him around. With Wallace surely gone, Antonio Brown will become the Steelers top receiver. Brown signed a multi-year deal with Pittsburgh during Wallace's abstinence, committing himself through the 2017 season. Unfortunately, the abundant depth perceived prior to 2012, has left little behind Brown for 2013 and beyond.