Since the Spurs have had a couple of off days I thought I would dive into the NBA's stat site us media folk get access to and look at some numbers and see if there was anything interesting to report. I found some intriguing trends and some unexpected information. Nothing too mind-blowing, mind you, but curious, at least. I'm talking about things like... Manu Ginobili has a bigger effect on team defense than Danny Green When Ginobili is on the court the Spurs allow a team best 95.1 points per 100 possessions. When he's off, the Spurs allow 100.8. That's an over five point swing and it's mostly because of Green. With Danny on the court the Spurs allow 100.4 points and when he's off 96.2. Green spends more time than Manu guarding the other team's best perimeter player but that doesn't fully explain why Danny's defensive numbers have deteriorated. Last season the Spurs had a better defensive rating with Danny on instead of Manu but the trend has reversed. One thing to note is that the starting lineup with Green on has a stellar defensive rating (89.1) while the same four other guys with Manu struggle a bit more (94.4), even if they are still good. It's possible that Green is just a great fit with the starting lineup and not so much when surrounded by bench guys. Something to keep and eye on.