Avalanche center Paul Stastny had a goal and an assist for the losing Team Staal on Sunday at the NHL All-Star Game, while Colorado teammate Matt Duchene had a goal for the winning Team Lidstrom. Also in Team Lidstrom's 11-10 victory, Duchene took the first penalty shot in All-Star Game history in the third period after Washington's Alex Ovechkin playfully slid his stick at the puck on a Duchene breakaway. On the penalty shot, Du- chene went to his backhand as he cut to his right and past goalie Henrik Lundqvist of the New York Rangers, but Lund- qvist made the save. "He's a huge goalie, so I probably should have just tried to bury it five-hole," Duchene said. "I was trying something different. I hit his skate. Maybe if I had backhanded it a little quicker, I would have had him too. He reacted really quick. He's an amazing goalie, so good in shootouts." Duchene said he and Boston winger Phil Kessel were intent late in the game on trying to get the puck to Los Angeles center Anze Kopitar when the Team Staal net was empty, hoping to get the Slovenian a third goal for a hat trick that might have earned him the MVP award and an all-wheel-drive crossover vehicle to go with the car Kessel got for being the last choice in the Friday night draft. "Kopie and I have become pretty good friends, and we kind of hung out together here," Duchene said.