Giancarlo Stanton didn’t pop off on the Marlins on Friday. But Jose Reyes sure did. Stanton, who said he was unhappy right after the Marlins traded Reyes and four others to Toronto in November, said it was time to “turn the page” and there was “not going to be any pouting” from him. “I got what little words were out there to let it be known, and that was that,” said Stanton, who spoke about his feelings for the first time this spring. Stanton tweeted he was “[ticked] off!!!” after the trade. But Reyes was less guarded with his choice of words when he spoke to reporters in Dunedin on his first day of spring training with the Blue Jays. Reyes said he was shocked by the trade because Marlins owner Jeffrey Loria encouraged him to buy a new home in Miami only days before being traded to Toronto. “I was shocked, because Jeffrey Loria, he always told me he’s never going to trade me,” Reyes said. “He always called my agent and said, ‘Tell Jose to get a good place here to live,’ and stuff like that.” Reyes said he had dinner with Loria only a few days before the trade and, even then, “he was talking still about, ‘get a nice house in Miami.’ ”