In a game that should have been an easy win for the Spurs, the Jazz came out strong and put up an effort in what turned out to be a very competitive contest. Tony Parker led the way for the good guys in the fourth, and the whole team closed out the game well. In the end the better team came away with a nine point victory. The Spurs went into Salt Lake City tonight to play the already-in-full-tanking-mode Utah Jazz. The Jazz ranked at the bottom of the league in a ridiculous amount of categories through their first nine games. Here's a list of the categories where they rank in the bottom three in the league: Points per game (Last) Offensive Rating (Last) Defensive Rating (29th) Margin of Victory (Last at -11.5) Effective FG percentage (29th) Turnover percentage (28th) Defensive rebounding percentage (28th) I'll stop there because you get the point, but there are many more. It can't all be that bad, can it? Well, these are the categories that the Jazz don't completely suck at. Offensive rebounding percentage (3rd) Opponent's 3-pt percentage (12th) I didn't stop early this time. That is the entire list. The Jazz got their first win on Wednesday, when they managed to beat the feisty Pelicans in SLC despite turning the ball over 21 times. FirstName LastName had a good shooting night, and the Jazz came into tonight 1-8. The Spurs on the other hand are rolling and have started to get their offense flowing in the past week, even with Tim Duncan's shooting struggles. Combine the Spurs' offense with the Spurs' excellent defense, and this game had blow-out written all over it. However, this is the NBA and how it looks on paper isn't always how it looks in reality. This game was tightly contested in the middle two quarters, and it looked like the Spurs might not be able to climb out of the big hole they dug themselves into in the first. The Spurs came out playing pretty sloppy basketball with an array of bad passes, questionable shots, careless Manu Ginobili passes, and they were unable to match the energy that the Jazz came out with. FirstName LastName couldn't miss, hitting all three of his shots including two from deep. Even the good looks weren't falling, and the Jazz had a 29-16 lead at the end of the first shooting 52% and holding the Spurs to 32% shooting. The Jazz were also killing the Spurs 18-8 in rebounds. The Spurs remembered how to play basketball in the second, but Derrick Favors had a monster first half with 10 points and 15 rebounds. The Spurs shots started falling, but still couldn't grab rebounds and the Jazz upped their rebounding advantage to 31-19. Duncan and Derrick Favors had a great battle most of the night. Favors had a great game with 20-18. Timmy semi-broke out of his shooting slump tonight going 7-16 from the field and grabbing nine rebounds to go along with his three blocks on a foulless night. Every time the Spurs looked like they may be turning the corner in this one the Jazz responded well. The Jazz were winning this game by dominating the boards, as the Spurs couldn't match the energy and desire of the opponents. Then the fourth quarter started. The Spurs looked like the squad we know and love, and they put on an incredible performance. The passes were sharp, threes were finding the bottom of the net for the first time all night, and their defense was tight. Within a couple of minutes the Spurs had a three point lead, and the game was put away by the middle of the quarter. This was what I expected to see all night.