The success of Los Angeles Lakers rookie Kyle Kuzma has become one of the surprise stories of the season. Did other teams see this coming? According to an interview with his trainer Clint Parks, both he and Kuzma felt good about his chances of going to the Lakers. However, they also knew if he was not selected at No. 27 or No. 28 overall (both picks were owned by Los Angeles) he could have been drafted by the San Antonio Spurs. Kuzma, who worked out with San Antonio, has confirmed this as well and spoke about it last month (via “I had the sense that somebody would take me. I thought I had the best chance going to the Lakers because of the vibe I had from them. But I knew the Spurs liked me as well. I had a workout there and I knew they definitely liked me. I killed that workout and talked to them. And the dialogue with my agent (supported that).” Gregg Popovich, the head coach of the Spurs, is known to get the most out of his young players.