One legendary player, however, is really not interested in any such discussions. Manu Ginobili, who returned to the San Antonio Spurs this offseason on a two-year, $5M deal that is expected to be his last. Ahead of his 16th season, Ginobili was asked about his legacy, which includes four NBA titles, two All-Star Games and one Sixth Man of the Year Award, during an interview with SiriusXM NBA Radio. He offered a somewhat surprising answer, saying basically that he doesn't care. As transcribed by "I been asked about my legacy and I really don't care much about the legacy." "Earlier or later I want to be remembered as a good person, a good dude, that I was here around in town, and fun to watch, and good to hang out with but after a few years it's going to be forgotten. The legacy thing is very overrated," Manu said. "We're going to be gone soon and somebody better is going to come up, always! There's always somebody better than you. If you live your life thinking about your legacy or what you're going to leave, you don't worry than you add another concern," Ginobili said. "Just live your life every single day, do the best you can and that's more of my motto than leaving a legacy." After getting over the initial surprise, however, it's clear Ginobili's answer is a pretty level-headed one. While the legacy stuff may be important to sportswriters and talking heads on TV, it doesn't really mean much for players in the long run.