The San Antonio Spurs absolutely pulverized the Cleveland Cavaliers Saturday night, 126-96. The Spurs' largest lead was 43 points and this game was never in doubt. Even though it was a SEGABABA for the Spurs, and a THIGAFONI, the Silver and Black played nearly perfect basketball as they dismantled the visiting Cavs. As far as a recap goes, I'm not sure what to do here. The Spurs played so impressively that the game was essentially over in the first half. The Spurs began the game well, as they have been prone to do this year, and jumped out to a 21-11 lead over Mike Brown's squad. After the forced timeout, the Cavs momentarily managed to keep the Spurs from pulling away and finished the quarter down just nine points, 30-21. (Heh, 'just' nine points. That should tell you something.) To begin the second quarter, Manu scored five quick points and Patty Mills added two to increase the Spurs' lead to 14, 37-23. Mike Brown tried to slow San Antonio with a timeout, but the Spurs were not to be denied this Saturday night. Out of the break, the Spurs continued the onslaught and quickly built the lead to 25, forcing Mike Brown to stop the action once again. From there, it was over. The Spurs continued to run and the Cavs never had a chance. The Spurs closed the half up 33 points, 65-32. The Spurs more than doubled the Cavs' score at half! I feel like that never happens. Doubling someone's score at halftime is a rarity. I'm weird and pay attention to things that don't matter like doubling someone's score. I can tell you, it really never happens past the first quarter. I hope ESPN or someone out there let's us know just how monumental this achievement was. If the Cavs had any thought of creeping back into the game, the Spurs put an end to it by scoring 10 points in the first two minutes of the third quarter. Tim begrudgingly walked to the bench, obviously wanting more minutes than Pop was willing to give him. The whole game became a big joke.