The Spurs opened up a quick 15-5 lead with Danny Green providing three triples in the first five minutes of the game. The ball movement looked crisp and the Spurs were back after going missing in the Mexico City Fire make-up game. A minute of game time passed before Tim Duncan went down clutching his right knee. The next several minutes are a blur to me. I think I forgot to breathe. I recall seeing a replay that looked pretty bad and Timmy going straight into the locker room. Spending the next five or ten minutes fearing the worst and dreading the wait to find out the results of the MRI I assumed Duncan would be getting on Friday morning wasn't very much fun at all. Then Tim made his way back to the bench. That old knee held up. The team and its fans were spared what would have been a cruel play from the basketball gods. Timmy checked back in the game shortly after, and the sight of the veteran big man on the floor must have caused tens of thousands of people to let out a collective sigh of relief. All was okay. The rest of the first quarter was an afterthought after that scare. Danny contributed nine and Kawhi Leonard chipped in eight as the Spurs finished the first quarter up 30-22 over Dallas. The second quarter saw runs from both teams. The Mavericks came out hot and the Spurs offense that had been humming stalled. Five minutes into the quarter the Mavs took a 38-32 lead after a 14-2 run. Then it was the Spurs' turn, well, it was Patty and Kawhi's turn. They were the best players for the Spurs on Thursday, though Tim also played a heck of a game. Kawhi found Patty Mills in the corner for three with a nice drive-and-dish. Whi followed that by securing a defensive board and then taking it all the way back down for an and-one. Kawhi then poked the ball out of bounds twice on the next Dallas possession before collecting another rebound after Shawn Marion missed a jumper. Patty Mills really started to heat up and earned a trip to the line before knocking down a pull-up three in transition after Monta Ellis missed his jumper. In all it was an 11-0 run from Patty and Whi and the Spurs held a 43-38 lead.