After Kyle Lowry of the Toronto Raptors hit a clutch three-pointer, with 25 seconds left last night against the Sacramento Kings, the whistle blew. Everyone in the building thought there would be a foul called on the Kings, setting up a four-point play to get the Raptors within two.


Referee Michael Smith signaled for an offensive foul against Lowry which ended his night, and worst of all, took the three-pointer off the board for Toronto. 

Lowry's reaction to the call was perfect. He just ran away from the scene so he wouldn't say something stupid and get a technical foul in a key part of the game. Guess what...he got "T"'d up anyway.

No guarantee that Toronto would have pulled out a come-back at the end, but this referee took their opportunity away from them by making up a call.

My position on bad foul calls is that they are going to happen. But bad calls should only occur on NON-CALLS. Fine, you didn't see any contact. Don't blow your whistle. If, as a referee, you are calling fouls that never occurred (and there is no flopping involved) you are simple making up infractions and you are bad at your job.

Rough couple of weeks for Lowry...first he gets snubbed from the All-Star Game and now Michael Smith is inventing fouls against him and "T"ing him up for avoiding confrontation.