There may be a million stories in the naked city, but every so often it isn’t a bad idea to shake a couple of palm trees in the land of Oakleys, jorts and tank tops. Especially early in the game, before February bleeds into March, when there are so many 60s and 70s on the lineup card that it looks like the “O” row on a Bingo card. There are the usual suspects around the Yankees, of course, the Captain’s leg and the usual third baseman’s psyche and the question of just how many coffers Robinson Cano will require to house the windfall that the Yankees or some other team will provide soon enough. But it’s a long spring, and a long season after that. Those are the stories that will shake themselves out soon enough. These are the stories that make February interesting: “I believe I am a major league catcher now. Now I have to prove that to the Yankees,” Francisco Cervelli says in the quiet of a mid-game clubhouse, the Yankees busily burying the Braves 8-3 at Champion Stadium, the baseball complex that sits at the heart of Disney World, making the Braves the first team in baseball history to take being called a “Mickey Mouse Operation” as a compliment.