The New Orleans Pelicans pay Eric Gordon a lot of money, $14.9 million big ones this season, more than anybody else on the squad. They'll pay him $15.5 million next season when Gordon surely picks up his player option, putting in his pocket twice as much green as the team's best player, the mesmerizing Anthony Davis, will put in his. Really though, this is no longer about money with Gordon. It was the Pelicans after all who decided to match the Phoenix Suns' offer sheet in 2012, even as the player protested to be released to go to the desert. This is bigger than money now. This is about Gordon's spirit, and ultimately his legacy. It's about this oft-injured shooting guard beginning to repay the franchise with all-out effort for its iron-willed patience through never-ending injuries that have kept him out of 137 of a possible 264 games. His latest affliction, a torn labrum in his left shoulder, shelved him for 21 games until his return Monday night. This is about Gordon taking the court now with a nightly enthusiasm that will inspire a young team that's been treading water just outside the playoff mix in the ruthless Western Conference.