Udonis Haslem has been through thousands of practices and shootarounds throughout his 15-year NBA career with the Miami Heat. So asking him Friday morning to recall how many practices he went through in the final season of the Big 3 era in 2014 – and if it was perhaps too much for an aging and tired team to handle as Ray Allen suggested in an interview with Sports Illustrated Thursday – was basically futile. “I didn’t really see it that way, but Ray’s entitled to his opinion,” said Haslem, the only remaining member of the last Heat team to reach the Finals in 2014. “You guys know me if I had something to say I would have said something by now. “To be honest with you, bro, asking me how many practices and shootarounds I’ve been through and asking me to remember if it was shorter a few years ago, I can’t give you [an] answer,” he continued. “That [expletive] don’t matter to me, man. I don’t care about that kind of stuff, man. The only thing that matters to me is right now. That’s in the past. “That was a great four years man. I learned a lot. I had a lot of success. I wish as a group we would have really embraced that moment more because it was a beautiful moment. A lot of teams don’t have that kind of success and toward the end we forgot to enjoy it. It had nothing to do with all that stuff. We just forgot to enjoy the ride.” Haslem’s reaction Friday echoed that of coach Erik Spoelstra, who took the high road after hearing the criticism Allen threw the Heat’s way for allegedly mismanaging players’ bodies. A Heat spokesman said the Heat actually worked with Allen and other veteran players specifically throughout that season to make sure they had to make fewer appearances and that after January the number of shootarounds and practices between games were limited in an effort to help players get more rest.