According to a release on their team website (and pointed out by The 6th Sens' SteffeG), Ottawa Senators star centre Jason Anthony Rocco Spezza, aka "lebende Legende des Eishockeysports" (translated: living legend of hockey) has signed with the Rapperswil-Jona Lakers of Switzerland's top pro hockey league. Although it hasn't been confirmed by mainstream sources to my knowledge (UPDATE: Confirmed by CBC Ottawa's Dan Seguin), the Lakers certainly seem pretty excited about the signing, billing him (in German, anyway) as a "darling of the masses." From the article, translated (terribly yet hilariously) through Google: Club spreader hero of the masses Jason Spezza played for no other NHL team as only for "his" Ottawa Senators - and how: With 243 goals, 424 assists, 667 points in 659 games so there is no equally successful Hockey crack again in the annals of club history. Spezza won three silver and two bronze medals at the World Championships, 2009, even as a celebrated scorer (9 games, 7 goals, 4 assists).